The Best Non Lethal Guns

The Best Non Lethal Guns

There are plenty of different options for non-lethal self-defense. They range from simple impact weapons, like batons, to electric weapons, as well as chemical irritants. Some of the most effective are non-lethal guns. These weapons are often easier to use, require less technique and physical strength, and can be debilitating. So what are your options for non-lethal guns?

Pepper Spray Guns

There are a few different kinds of pepper spray guns. However, for this section, we are going to discuss the most common type of pepper spray gun. It can best be described as fire and forget. This means you use it and it’s done for. The two most popular models are the JPX and the Kimber Pepperblaster. Both have two shots and have excellent range. They both deliver a high-velocity load of pepper spray. They are affordable and effective, but it's easy to miss with.

Mace Pepper Gun

The Mace pepper gun is a little different. It has a cartridge that loads into the weapon and can be reloaded easily. The Mace Pepper gun fires a continuous stream of Mace pepper spray as long as you hold the trigger. It has double the range of traditional pepper spray and allows the user to adjust for accuracy. It’s an easy to carry weapon and is quite effective out to 20 feet. It is a little more forgiving that the Pepper Blaster and JPX, but lacks the high velocity of both of those weapons. The Mace Pepper gun can also use a training cartridge that’s filled with water for the user to practice with.

Stun Gun

Stun Gun Non-Lethal Self Defense WeaponStun guns are non-lethal guns that come in two varieties: contact and projectile. A projectile stun gun can also act as a contact stun gun, but not vice versa. A projectile stun gun like the XM26 fires two barbs connected via wire to the actual stun gun. These barbs strike the opponent and shock them as the user pulls the trigger. A contact stun gun means you jab the gun into the attacker and push the button. This sends a burst of electricity through the enemy. Both are electric weapons and capable of taking a man down quite easily. They can disable an attacker long enough for you to flee and call the police.

SALT Pepper Spray Gun

SALT pepper spray gun in drawerThe fourth non-lethal gun available is the SALT Pepper Spray Gun. There are a variety of features that make the SALT model unique. Instead of firing a stream of liquid spray, it fires a projectile. The projectile explodes and sends out a cloud that is mixed with OC and tear gas into an opponent's face. The SALT Pepper Spray Gun has 7 rounds in the magazine, and the rounds are fired at 320 feet per second. With the SALT Pepper Spray Gun, you get velocity, reusability, and over 150 feet of range. The SALT self-defense gun is quite capable and extremely effective. It can also be loaded with training rounds filled with baby powder. A user can actually train easily, and learn how to aim and use the weapon effectively.


One of the most important considerations for a self-defense weapon, especially a non-lethal gun, is effectiveness. It needs to be able to stop an attacker in his tracks. Regardless of the weapon you choose, choose something that is quality made that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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