Pepper Spray vs Pepper Spray Guns

Pepper Spray vs Pepper Spray Guns

There are a vast variety of choices for self-defense. There are tons of different options and methodologies that focus on defending and protecting yourself, your family, and your home. Pepper spray and chemical irritants, in general, are just one option. This self defense tool is effective, easy to use, and tends to cause severe and often debilitating effects. These effects are only temporary, which is why pepper spray is a common non-lethal option.

What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is at its root a chemical irritant. It’s often packaged in small containers that are easy to carry and are designed to attack the face. It attacks the eyes, the skin, and mucous membranes, causing pain, coughing, and trouble breathing. These effects can last between a half hour to an hour, or even longer.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum, also known as OC. OC is mixed with other inactive or inert ingredients, which are most commonly water or oil. OC is very concentrated, and even small amounts are quite powerful, so it is diluted and combined with water. When combined, it allows the user to spray a greater area of the body to ensure accuracy through volume.

The Pepper in pepper spray is derived from cayenne peppers. OC is different than tear gas and will still cause painful effects for people who are drunk, high, or under the influence in any way.

Delivery Systems

There are a variety of delivery methods for OC or pepper spray. Some are designed for police or corrections officers and are quite massive in size. The most traditional are small cans with a single button the user presses to discharge the spray. The third common option is the pepper spray gun.

A pepper spray gun is often small enough to conceal and carry and is often a more capable option. Pepper spray guns use the same formula as traditional pepper spray and is still a liquid. The biggest difference is the force and range a pepper spray gun applies. A pepper spray gun typically offers double the range of a traditional mini can of pepper spray and often contains a larger amount of fluid so multiple attackers can be engaged.

The three most common and well-used pepper spray guns are the Mace pepper spray gun, the Kimber Pepper Blaster, and the JPX Pepper Spray gun. These pepper spray guns are as effective as traditional pepper spray, and still fire a liquid shot of pepper spray. The JPX and Kimber pepper spray guns can fire two shots in rapid succession. The Mace pepper spray gun can fire a liquid stream until the container is empty.

These are effective systems for personal protection, but they are not the only options for pepper spray guns. These are the traditional options, but tradition can be broken. That is what SALT Supply company has done with their own Pepper Spray Gun.


The SALT Pepper Spray Gun

The SALT self-defense gun certainly changes the concept of a pepper spray gun. The biggest change is that SALT Pepper Spray guns use solid projectiles versus a liquid formula. When the projectiles strike a target, they explode and release a 4- to 5-foot cloud of chemical irritant derived from OC.

The SALT Pepper Spray gun uses a seven round magazine that allows the weapon to be reloaded quickly. It is powered by a CO2 cartridge that is capable of firing 21 rounds through the SALT Pepper Spray gun before the CO2 is empty. The rounds fly at 320 feet per second, with an effective range of over 150 feet. The range is a major benefit. You can strike your targets quickly, accurately and at extended ranges.

This allows the user to protect themselves from across a room, making it possible to take down targets much further away than traditional pepper spray. Pepper spray is most commonly a defensive weapon, requiring the attacker to be quite close before it is used. The SALT pepper spray gun is a nonlethal, extended range weapon that allows you to act offensively.

The SALT pepper spray gun can be used over and over and is not disposable. You can even practice to ensure accuracy with the baby powder-based practice rounds without risking inhaling or being affected by the self-defense rounds. The self-defense rounds are designed to cause temporary blindness, pain in the eyes, breathing difficulty, and the impact itself hurts.

The self-defense rounds do have a shelf life of five years, so it is important to remember to alternate rounds eventually. The SALT gun is designed to contain a CO2 cartridge indefinitely. The SALT pepper spray gun is a completely non-lethal, effective option for personal protection and home defense.

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