Campus Safety Tips From Salt Supply

Campus Safety Tips From Salt Supply

Every year, parents send their kids off to college with the expectation that they will be receiving their education in a safe environment. However, the reality is that college can be a dangerous place for students. Most crimes in college towns, occur on college campuses.

Many parents and students focus on academic rankings, location, and how beautiful the campus is, but often give little thought to the amount and type of crime that occurs on those same campuses. In one survey, 30 percent of respondents had missed at least one day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Getting a quality education is important, so is the safety and well being of your children.

Are you enrolled in or have a son or daughter attending college this year? Have you seen the campus crime reports for your school?  All colleges must submit an Annual Security Report by October 1st. These are public and easily accessed by contacting Campus Security.

To ensure safety at your University, Salt has compiled a list of Safety tips.

1- Don’t allow technology to make you unaware of your surroundings.

We know how easy it can be to put in headphones and zone out on the way to class. It is also very dangerous to not be able to hear the surroundings, try listening to music with one headphone out. You are an easy target if you are unaware, and cannot hear your attacker approaching. In 2010, of the aggravated assaults reported under the Clery Act, 60 percent were on campus. You can zone out on your phone in class, or in between breaks. Pay attention and let’s get to class safely. 

2 - Never walk alone at night

Find someone in your night class to walk to your car with you. Chances are, there is someone else in your class needing a buddy too! Our Helix Pepper Spray has the highest chemical output and coverage of any pepper spray on the market. Use this tip as an excuse to make friends, stay safe, and maybe grab some Steak and Shake after.

3- Know your Campus

Take the time to explore campus during the day, and even get out a map. Find out where all your classes are, and familiarize yourself with the buildings you don’t have classes in. Also be aware of where crimes were reported. Avoid areas that are low traffic and not well lit. You should know where you are at all times on campus, and know how to get home!

4- Always have emergency contacts in your phone

ICE - In Case of Emergency call ______. Most phones are password protected, so in the event of an emergency, they can’t dial your last call. Fortunately, you can add emergency contacts on your lock screen. We suggest adding a few, your mom, dad, a relative or friend who lives near by, or even your roommate. Make these people aware that they are in your Emergency contacts so they know the plan if anything happens.

5- Carry Pepper Spray

Any pepper spray is better than none; however your conventional pepper spray only sprays about 5 feet away from you. Salt has a much larger range, so you don’t have to get close to your attacker. Our Helix pepper spray had a range of 18 feet and Our S1 Salt Supply Gun has a range of 150 feet. Also, you don’t have to have phenomenal aim to hit your target!


College years are some of the best years of your life. Meeting and making lifelong friendships, learning who you are and what you’re capable of. Go grab the world by the horns, take care of you and your grades, let us take care of your safety.

Taking care of you and yours,

Salt Supply


Omar Rijo

Omar Rijo said:

Can I bring a Salt gun or any similar system to an institution in a bag with easy acess? Because I was in a college that forbidded the pepper spray, and other weapons.

Omar Rijo

Omar Rijo said:

Can I bring a Salt gun or any similar system to an institution in a bag with easy acess? Because I was in a college that forbidded the pepper spray, and other weapons.

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