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"The Salt Gun Won’t Replace Your Pistol – But It’ll Serve as a Safer, Non-lethal Alternative" - Article by Gearrific

"The Salt Gun Won’t Replace Your Pistol – But It’ll Serve as a Safer, Non-lethal Alternative" - Article by Gearrific

This Non-Lethal Handgun Uses Pepper Spray Inspired Chemicals to Instantly Subdue it’s Target.

"Love em’ or hate em’ – guns are great for warding off a would-be attacker. Whereas traditional firearms use lead bullets to incapacitate, this new invention uses a chemical cloud. Meet the Salt Gun. It’s a non-lethal handgun shaped weapon that’s designed to fire powder-filled bullets – as opposed to lead.

Upon impact these rounds explode, releasing a 4 to 5-foot cloud of the company’s ‘pepper spray’-like compound into the air. Some reports claim the Salt Gun’s proprietary concoction is more potent than those used by the DHS and U.S. Military.

One of the first symptoms felt by anyone at the business end of the Salt Gun is an intense burning sensation on the skin. Seconds later the compound enters the respiratory system causing the attacker to experience severe coughing fits and shortness of breath. Enough to make even the most hardened criminals come to heel. These symptoms are typically present for about 15 to 30 minutes after first coming into contact with the chemical.

Although these rounds come flying out of the gun at over 300FPS, the chemical cloud is what actually does the work. As a result, the Salt Gun can be used to create a barrier before a situation becomes dire. Salt Supply suggests firing a few rounds near the danger area will be enough to make an intruder think twice."

See the original article and all of the rest of their great stuff at


October 14, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team
The Pepper Spray Gun Test by The Modern Rogue

The Pepper Spray Gun Test by The Modern Rogue

Salt Supply Co. put together the most powerful and effective pepper spray gun in the world and seeing it in action is always awesome. So when we saw this test from The Modern Rogue, we just had to share it with all of you guys. BIG thanks to Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy for suiting up in cardboard armor and looking down the barrel of The Pepper Spray Gun see what it (and themselves) are made of. 

October 08, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team
Salt is the #1 Choice for Safe and Affordable Home Defense!

Salt is the #1 Choice for Safe and Affordable Home Defense!

The Salt Self Defence Gun has just been ranked the #1 choice for safe and affordable home defense in a head to head comparison between all non-lethal options such as pepper spray, bear sprays, stun guns and tasers by The Examiner! 

Thank you to Shawn Glisson and The Examiner for taking the time to dig through all of the options for safe, effective home defense and ranking us the top choice for American families!

August 08, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

4 Keys To Personal Security

Personal Security is, and will always be, an important factor in determining how safe people will be at any given time. There are some people who have a rather aloof mindset when it comes to issues of personal safety and security. For some, their staunch belief in “it can never happen to me” outweighs the still, small voice that is urging them to pay attention to their personal security.  It is important to understand that the dangers to your person and to those closest to you can arise at any time. That is why it is crucial that you pay the utmost attention to your personal security.

There are many things that can be incorporated into your personal security to ensure that you stand a chance of being safe, no matter what situation you might find yourself in. Let’s take a look at some key aspects of personal security that will give you the upper hand, regardless of what danger might arise.

1. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing you notice? What does your mind naturally pay more attention too? In most cases, people will pay no attention to the extra details of a room or the space that they are in. Your immediate surroundings play a vital role in the way your personal security shapes out. The things around, you, exit points, hiding places, fire alarms etc. all come into play when a situation escalates to the point where you might be fighting for your life. As such, people should cultivate the habit of studying whatever is around them when they walk into a room, a restaurant, an office, or even a place of worship.

The importance of paying close attention to your surroundings cannot be overstated when you are dealing with personal security. The act of being constantly aware of everything around you helps you move faster in the face of danger and it gives you the opportunity to have a head start. For instance, if a fire happens to break out while you are in an office, you will be at a disadvantage if you have no idea where the exits or fire extinguishers are. It is necessary to cultivate the habit of being aware of your immediate surroundings at all time. In addition to this, make sure you pay close attention to entryways and exits when you walk into a room, as well as any additional safety gear that might come in handy (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, etc.). It will also be beneficial to make a mental note of any hiding spots or items that you can use to defend yourself should the need arise.

View your environment and the things around you as an extension of yourself and it will help keep you secure at all times. Cultivating this habit will help you form adequate home safety plans, fire safety plans etc. that will boost your level of security.

2. Self-defense Devices

This is the part of personal security that everyone seems to think about the most, and it might be because it gives everyone the notion that they are an MI6 agent. However, self-defense devices are serious business, because when the need arises, they could be the difference between safety and harm. Life and death. Personal safety devices or self-defense devices can range anywhere from tasers, Salt Guns, non-lethal pepper spray guns, to stun guns.

Before you choose a self-defense device, it is important to read up on the laws regarding such devices and how their use is governed in your area. In addition to this, it is best to learn the proper training that is necessary to use said device. This measure ensures that you do not end up harming yourself or innocent bystanders when the device is engaged in use. There are some people who think that the use of a self-defense device might be too extreme or too paranoid, but when it comes to your personal security it is imperative that you carry out whatever legal action you can to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Many of these devices are easily concealed and are portable, which means that you can take it almost anywhere and it will help keep you secure while you are on the move. As I stated earlier, make sure that you check to see where you can and cannot take your self-defense device.

3. Self Defense Training

After talking about self-defense devices, it only makes sense that we follow up with self-defense training. Self-defense training is one of the best ways to bolster your personal security. The steps listed above will undoubtedly help keep you safe, but self-defense training puts you in security league of your own. Learning the basic skills for self-defense will not only help you better execute the aforementioned points, but it will also help you utilize your body as a weapon if you are ever stuck in a tight spot and there is nothing that you can use to defend yourself.

Self-defense training will give you the skills necessary to handle a rough situation on your own. At the very least, it will help you create a window that you can use to try and notify someone that you need help. In addition to this, self-defense training also makes individuals feel more confident in themselves and less paranoid that they might fall victim to sexual assault, robbery, or any other attacks.

In addition to self-defense training, it also helps to familiarize yourself with the measures you should take in the event of any disaster occurring that might endanger your security. For instance, know what you should do in case someone breaks into your home, or what you should do if a fire breaks out in your office. These things all add up to give you the best personal security possible.

4. Emergency Contact Information

This is a tip that very few people utilize, even though it comes in handy when you least expect it. Make sure that your phone is preprogrammed with emergency contact information so that it is easy for you to get in touch with someone if you are ever caught in a precarious situation. This also makes it easier for someone to contact the necessary parties if you are personally unable to do so. Utilizing emergency contact information is simply a good way of expanding your security net, and making other people aware of what is going on around you. Another method of employing outside help is to make sure that you notify family members and close friends of your whereabouts, in case something goes wrong. This will give them a starting point and it will eventually help get you back to safety if you are indeed in trouble. This tip is an especially useful security tip for people who are living alone.


Personal security is, first and foremost, a personal commitment. A person makes this commitment with himself or herself, and they strive to keep their security at the forefront of their minds at all times. It is not an easy habit to form, but it is an excellent one to have. Hopefully, some of the keys to personal security that were listed above will help set you down the right path to adopting and maintaining a sense of personal security.

Author Bio

Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.
July 15, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Former Law Enforcement Officer Reviews SALT

Hi, everyone!

We wanted to start sharing our reviews that have been posted to Amazon as they will help you to better understand our product from real people who are using it, their thoughts on the product, why they purchased the product, etc.  The following review is one of our favorites because it comes from someone with significant experience in self defense as he is a retired police officer.  His thoughts are thorough and fair.  To see this 5-star review on the Amazon site, click here, but we have provided the review in its entirety below. 

Thanks, CPO, for your thoughts - it means a lot to us!

I am a former law enforcement officer, trained in both lethal and non-lethal response tactics. I am a former SWAT/SRT officer. I’m well-versed in the use of force continuum (I’ll go into this a little more later). I've never had to use deadly force to resolve a situation, but I've leveraged non-lethal and less-lethal options on numerous occasions – hand to hand, pepper spray, expandable baton, and beanbag rounds from a shotgun. (I left law enforcement before the Taser was standard issue.) I've been pepper sprayed more times than I can count - both in training and in actual law enforcement response efforts.

I am also a “gun guy”. I’ve trained for and competed in a variety of amateur shooting sports, such as IPSC, IDPA, 3-Gun, and even SASS events. I’ve trained under several well-known, and highly regarded firearms instructors. Finally, I helped establish and lead an armed (lethal) security team for a church in Colorado at a time when tensions surrounding mass-shootings were high after several such incidents, including a few at large church facilities.

Why did I tell you all of that? Not to brag, but I do enjoy talking about all of that stuff. The reason I tell you that is so you understand my perspective, which is directly influenced by my life experiences.

So on to the product: SALT, The Pepper Spray Gun. It's easy to see that opinions on this product are very polarizing. There is a misunderstanding, perhaps, that non-lethal defense options are only suited for “anti-gun people” or that the “gun people” would/should never respond to any defense scenario with anything less than the largest bore firearm they can come up with. I personally believe both of those positions are flawed. The pendulum swings to two extremes, but reality is often found somewhere in the middle.

If you are, in fact, “anti-gun” or a “non-gun person” - for whatever reason - your options are indeed limited. The SALT Gun is likely your best option for home defense - and the SALT will cover your needs in more scenarios than owning only a firearm will. Why? Because the vast majority of bumps in the night are NOT from a machete-wielding horror-movie-murderer coming in to kill you. They are drunk neighbors trying to come into the wrong house. They are angry aggressors who want to fight. They are animals knocking over the trash can. They are kids trying to break into your car. They are (often unarmed) burglars hoping nobody is home and looking to take your TV, not your life. And… They are your own teenage kids or spouse coming home unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

SALT is better suited for all of these situations than a firearm. None of these are situations that would normally require employing deadly force to resolve - even if they turn into situations where you become personally threatened. And in the small likelihood that there actually is an intruder intent on harming or killing you, SALT is capable of reversing them in their tracks. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the SALT. The military strength combination of tear gas and pepper spray in the SALT rounds will shut down a recipient's vision and impair their breathing. You don't even have to hit them with the round for it to be effective because it's designed to deploy a cloud that hangs in the air. I don't care who you are… When you can't see, and you can't breathe, you are going to think twice about continuing your current course of action. And if you happen to hit them with the round itself -ouch! I've seen the marks left behind. If you've ever been hit with a paintball going 300fps, then you know how bad that hurts, and those are gelatinous (meaning they are designed to be as soft as possible and easily break). The SALT rounds aren't quite so friendly. They are unlikely to cause severe or long term damage, but they will get someone’s attention.

I mentioned the use of force continuum before. For those of you not familiar with that term, its primary a law enforcement thing but in a nutshell it's a concept that you should respond with the minimum amount of force necessary to resolve the situation. It's not appropriate to respond with deadly force to an aggressor that hasn’t the ability or opportunity to kill or severely harm you. It's a complicated discussion because, yes, it's possible to need to respond with deadly force even when your attacker has no weapon. Each circumstance is unique and dynamic. There is no easy button for this. If all you have is a lethal firearm, you are limited in when you can apply that force. You must wait until you are confident that your life, or someone else's, is in imminent jeopardy. What about every other situation? Sure, the firearm makes a strong deterrent, but it's not always the right tool for the job. If all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. Every defensive situation becomes a test of decision-making and a waiting game for that moment when it becomes acceptable - both morally and legally - to take a life. Why should you limit your defensive options unnecessarily? That’s one reason that I believe the SALT Gun is just as relevant for gun owners as non-gun owners. I’m not saying you should ditch your legally owned and carried firearms for a non-lethal alternative, but I am suggesting that you consider having non-lethal options.

As a retired LEO, I often have a firearm on my person or within reach. That does not mean that it is the first thing I go to when trouble is afoot. In fact, it’s the last thing I ever want to have to bring into play. I’ll leverage other options when I can…first and foremost is a consideration of whether or not I can get out of the situation. That’s always option number one. Retreat. Things change when you are in a home defense situation, of course. Disengaging isn’t quite so simple when you are already in your own home.

If you enter my house, you will risk an introduction to one of my firearms, but I’ll also be considering every option available to me at that moment in time. My goal is to get you out of my home, not to capture you, not to hurt you, and certainly not to kill you. If I can achieve that by firing a handful of SALT rounds into the wall in the hallway between you and me to create a chemical barrier while announcing that I am armed and calling the police, then I am okay with that. If you decide to continue to advance – eyes and lungs burning – I’m even willing to put a couple of SALT rounds into your chest. My expectation is that you will realize you are making a huge mistake, and that you will reconsider your original plan. Past that, well, I’ve made the decision many years ago that I will use deadly force to protect my life or the life of another innocent person.

The interesting thing about the scenario I brainstormed with you just now is that for the first engagement, I don’t even have to know who you are. I don’t need to know if you are armed. I don’t need to identify my target. I can take action immediately with a non-lethal option, whereas a lethal response requires much more due diligence. I can turn you around and resolve a potential conflict having never even seen you or your hands. You don’t have to have a weapon, and my life didn’t have to be in imminent jeopardy. I know some of you right now are thinking, “But what about Castle Doctrine?” My response is this. First, Castle Doctrine isn’t a viable defense in all jurisdictions – so make sure you know the law where you live. Second, and more important in my opinion, is just because you have a potential criminal defense for shooting someone in your own home (or vehicle in some states), doesn’t mean you should consider it as a free pass to take a life. There are very serious moral, civil, and financial implications to consider as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve said it before. I will employ lethal force if I have to, but not just because I am “allowed” to.

Some more quick thoughts before I wrap up this novel I apparently decided to write. ;-)

Pepper balls have been useful in the law enforcement community as a non-lethal option. You see them used in riot and barricade situations. Tear gas is often used as a means to induce compliance in law enforcement and military operations, and it works. Police Officers use pepper spray often to take control of a combative person. It works. It (typically) doesn’t require any special licensing or special training -- although I encourage everyone to practice with whatever defensive tool they choose. SALT does come with practice rounds for this purpose. What I really like about SALT is that you can deploy it from a safe distance. You don’t have to be within traditional pepper spray range of a few yards. You can send the payload down range to the intended target while maintaining a safe distance and remaining near protective cover. SALT can be leveraged in homes where firearm possession isn’t legally an option (whatever the reason). It’s not heavy. It’s easy to operate. It can be stored in a ready-to-go condition. It has a safety. It can be stored in a drawer by the bed rather than in a safe. These are my observations.

I’m not going to try and convince gun owners that having the SALT gun is a better choice for them, and I’m not going to try and convince non-gun owners that the SALT gun will provide the same level of defense as a firearm. What I will say is that it is an option worth pursuing by both groups. In the end, it’s an option. It’s another tool for the toolbox. And you have to decide for yourself if it it’s the right tool for you.

Now that I have said what I have to say, none of what I have stated should be construed as legal advice. I’m some random guy on the Internet that you’ve never met. I encourage everyone to consider their own self-defense requirements, taking into consideration personal risk thresholds and civil, criminal, and moral implications. I encourage everyone to practice whatever they decide to use for self-defense, and get training from an expert in the defensive weapon of choice. This is what I think based on my training and experience. Stay safe.

July 02, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Customer Review - Vietnam Veteran - "Great First Option vs. Lethal Force"

When we started Salt Supply Company, we never thought that our non-lethal pepper spray gun would appeal to people who own traditional firearms.  We thought that people who owned lethal guns would never want a non-lethal option.  However, we have learned that several gun owners and gun owners' families have purchased our gun because they actually like the idea of using our product as their first option prior to using lethal defense.  Not everyone who has a gun actually wants to kill anyone (even if they are breaking into their house!), but some people feel that is the only way they can protect themselves.  

​In addition, not everyone in a family is comfortable protecting themselves with a traditional firearm.  Several firearm owning families have reached out saying how grateful they are that now their wives will have a mean to protect themselves, or even their grown children.

Based on the above, we wanted to share the following Amazon review, which you can find on this link:

I prefer to use the Salt gun as a first option. Having spend a year in the Infantry in Vietnam I have personally seen the devastating effect fire arms can have. I prefer not experience that again. However forced to, I will defend myself but I like the non-lethal option first. I also travel extensively by RV and I know in many states my firearm is illegal. This solves that problem as well as I only have to consider California. I think it is a great option. Thank you for the SALT gun.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
-The Salt Self Defense Team
June 06, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Gun Violence by the Numbers

After the tragic shooting death of 49 innocent people in Orlando last week, it is good for all of us to think about the incredibly high price that gun violence in the United States has on all of us. Here is a quick look at the statistics presented by the staff at Vox. They are shocking and sad and maddening and the very reason we come to work every single day at SALT to invent better, safer ways to protect the people we all love.



May 31, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Customer Review - A "Gun Guy's" take on Salt

We love it when people who are familiar with (and advocates of) traditional firearms support our product because we feel it speaks measures when they find our pepper spray gun a good alternative to traditional firearms (and tasers, stun guns, traditional pepper spray, knives, fists, etc.).  This particular reviewer, Stu Chisolm, has even written a book on guns he knows that much about them.

Check out his review below, and on this link!:

​At this time, my review is limited to observations of the product. I'm planning an actual test very soon.

By way of introduction, I'm a "gun guy"; an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, long-time CCW permit holder, gun owner since the age of 13, and author of the book, "Knowing Guns" (available here!). So it stands to reason that I approach any non-traditional self-defense option with extreme skepticism. Being apolitical, though, I straddle the line between conservative and liberal politics. I know lots of other gun fans, yet I know just as many non-gun folks, many of whom are parents and teachers. Their primary concern is their children, and while a firearm is the best defense against intruders intent on harm, we all too often see the stories of said best option becoming the problem when a parent carelessly or erroneously allows their firearm to be accessed by their kids. To some, the very idea of having an actual gun in their home is a non-starter. While we can snipe back and forth forever on this, the fact remains that home intrusions DO happen and parents have a need and duty to protect their home and those they love. For them, the SALT pistol is a logical alternative.

The pepper rounds pack a wallop enough to take down a full-grown man, yet if one eas accidentally fired in the home, nobody ends up dead. (Although they might have a good hour or so of pure hell and a trip to the ER!) I've used the Fox Five Point Three, and from what I can tell, the affects are very similar. My upcoming test will be based on the Tueller drill, and I will report on whether or not these rounds will, in fact, disable a person before he can cover a 21 foot distance and employ a training knife. This is the only area I'm unable to authoritatively comment on.

The pistol itself is large, about the size of a Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun, yet it is far lighter due to it being mostly polymer. The .68 caliber pepper balls are the exact size of standard paint balls, which the gun is based on, so one could buy and practice with paint balls very economically.* The baby powder filled practice rounds are best used in your actual surroundings, so you can see visually how any "cloud" will react when, say, an air conditioner, heater or fan is running. One of the ideas is to be able to place a "chemical barrier" between you and the intruder, breaking a pepper ball on a sill or window frame, yet if said cloud were to waft over to you, the shooter, then it wouldn't do much good. The practice rounds included should be sufficient to help you get used to the feel of the gun and place the rounds where they need to go, as well as being able to observe exactly where the powder ends up in your environment. And, being baby powder, it's easy to vacuum up the aftermath.

Getting back to the gun itself, it has "witness holes" in the grip so that you can see, visually, if the firearm is loaded, and with what types of rounds. There is some handy picatinny rail for mounting flash lights or lasers, which would be ideal in a home defense system. In fact, a flashlight is less desirable on a real firearm, because anything it hits means a muzzle is pointed directly at it - something you never do unless you've identified your target and are ready to fire. Because SALT is not an actual firearm, it's legally and morally safer to sweep around with your rail-mounted light. Lasers, too; a great way to hit a target when darkness or other conditions make using sights difficult or impossible. If you're smart, I'd get a combination light/laser and mount it up!

The CO2 canister is easily installed via a port near the muzzle, and can then be stored for long periods without the worry of losing pressure. This is because it isn't punctured right away, but only when the trigger is squeezed the first time. Therefore, a stored SALT pistol will have to be triggered TWICE to get off the first shot. Again, this is best practiced with the training rounds. Once punctured, the canister can and will lose pressure, sometimes after only a few days! So store the pistol with a fresh canister every time it is put away and/or kept handy for emergencies.

The feel of the gun is also different from a standard Glock, Sig-Sauer or Ruger pistol, yet it points quite naturally and has decent balance. Because pepper rounds are very lightweight, this doesn't perceptively change when it's loaded or unloaded. The rounds to pack a wallop! If you've ever played paintball and had a round hit an unprotected area, then you already know the kind of bruising and sting you're going to feel. This alone is enough to deter a good many attackers. If not "convinced" by this, then you're going to NEED a pepper round! It comes in a high quality firearm box, with padlock holes should you want to secure the gun entirely. Literature and after-purchase support is second to none.

As some have said above, this is NOT a good defense against an armed intruder! I would, however, say that it is superior in many ways to a TASER, which can be defeated by heavy clothing, objects in pockets or plain old bad aim, and a TASER is also far more expensive. For home defense, it is better than nothing and superior to most non-gun alternatives, and to a curious child or even an adult with certain issues, such as chronic depression, the best choice of the bunch in my opinion.

*Salt Supply Co. does not encourage practicing with paintballs in our device because (1) we cannot guarantee the accuracy as the gun has not been tested for this, and (2) if the rounds break in the pistol, the paint could dry causing blockage in the barrel.

May 24, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Salt Customer Review - "Works Great for Self Defense"

We wanted to share the following review from an Amazon customer (link to review here).  This purchaser added some great photos of the device in his hand, and also had some great feedback on the velocity of the pepper spray rounds, additional uses outside of the home, and it's comparison to traditional firearms:

​To get straight to business, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the velocity at which this gun shot the pellets. Even though it's not a real bullet, the sting of being hit with a pellet mixed with the pepper spray wouldn't incapacitate an intruder or an assailant, but it could buy you some time to get to safety.

The gun is pretty large....larger than any .40 or .45 caliber firearm. For those of you who have held and fired a .50 Desert Eagle, this Salt gun is even bigger than that. Regardless of its size, it's extremely lightweight, being made mostly of plastic. The CO2 cap is made of metal. Because of its size, it probably wouldn't be great for concealment on your body or in a purse.

Very easy to load, eject cartridges and to fire. The safety on mine is very tough to move, requiring you to grip it with two hands in order to get the button to move. That will probably improve over time, but if this is something I want my kids to be able to use when threatened, that safety switch could be an issue right out of the box.

I've always for using a firearm to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones and feel that with proper education and precautions, your kids are completely safe. However, I see this as having many uses beyond just self defense from humans. It would be great for that dog chasing your kids bikes as they ride down the street, or that are attacking your chickens or pooping in your front yard.

Overall, it worked great for what it's made for. I plan on uploading a video review shortly.

I did receive this salt gun as a sample in exchange for my honest review and opinion.
May 15, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team

Customer Review - "Considering Safes for Traditional Frearms in Self Defense Situations"

When considering what is the best for self defense, not only do you have to think about the actual usage of the product, it is also important to think about the accessibility of the product.  To properly store a traditional firearm, because the risk of lethal accidents, it's important that you keep these guns out of reach of the hands they should not be in, i.e. children, people who aren't trained in using them,  people who could wrongly uses them, etc.  Often times, this means a safe - and not only one, but two - (1) for the unloaded guns and (2) for the ammo.  This way, even if the wrong person were to get into the first safe, they would still have the second safe to get into.

When thinking about a self defense situation - every single second counts.  And when under stress, opening a gun safe feels impossible feat (to me at least), let alone TWO gun safes.  So, regardless of what you choose for your method of self defense, please consider its accessibility - and make it accessible to you and the ones you love.

​We felt this review really hit on this topic, so we thought we'd share:

​My husband has guns because he is a hunter but they are locked up in the gun safe. I wanted something accessible to me in case of a home invasion. We have grandchildren so safety was an issue. We bought the Salt gun and I feel so much safer and able to protect myself without worrying about the grandchildren harming themselves. Also, the Salt gun doesn't have the kick of a lethal weapon. We are completely satisfied with our purchase.
May 13, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team