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How It Works

AIR POWER: Salt is powered by air so you don't have to worry about a violent kick or loud bang when fired. 

PEPPER ROUND: SALT shoots a small plastic round with a powdered, military grade pepper spray that is effective at up to 200 feet. 

SAFETY CLOUD: SALT rounds explode on impact into a 5 foot cloud of incapacitating pepper spray that hangs in the air for 3-5 minutes. 


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Salt is the #1 Choice for Safe and Affordable Home Defense!

The Salt Self Defence Gun has just been ranked the #1 choice for safe and affordable home defense in a head to head comparison between all non-lethal options such as pepper spray, bear sprays, stun guns and tasers by The Examiner! Thank you to Shawn Glisson and The Examiner for taking the time to dig through all of...
August 08, 2016

4 Keys To Personal Security

Personal Security is, and will always be, an important factor in determining how safe people will be at any given time. There are some people who have a rather aloof mindset when it comes to issues of personal safety and security. For some, their staunch belief in “it can never happen to me”...
July 15, 2016

Former Law Enforcement Officer Reviews SALT

Hi, everyone!We wanted to start sharing our reviews that have been posted to Amazon as they will help you to better understand our product from real people who are using it, their thoughts on the product, why they purchased the product, etc.  The following review is one of our favorites...
July 02, 2016