Springtime Robbery Prevention Tips

Springtime Robbery Prevention Tips

Happy Spring from Salt Supply!

Salt Supply was founded with the idea to provide a non-lethal means of protection if your home was broken into and you were there. We have helped thousands of people find comfort by having a means of self defense ready at their finger tips. However, we also want to help our customers prevent an intruder from selecting their home.

Robberies are more likely to occur during the summer, so here are some tips to get your home safe for the summer! Here are a few Salt Supply tips for robbery prevention:

Keep your Yard Tidy

Robbers typically look for any signs that you aren’t home. An easy sign would be that your yard is unkept. Over grown grass could be a sign that you have not been home for some time, or that you are a negligent home owner and may have a door or window unlocked.

Strategically Plant Bushes

Spring has sprung, so now is the perfect time to plant! Robbers are more likely to hide in tall bushes, or use them as a cover while picking your lock. Remember to plant thorny bushes that deter people from getting close to them. For example, plant a rosebush by the window you like to leave open, so it is not as appealing to enter!

Keep your windows covered

Many vandals strike only when it is convenient. By making it more difficult to determine if you are home, they may decide it’s not worth the effort. A robber who knows the house is empty, is more willing to take the risk. Keep your curtains, blinds, closed with the lights on, so it more difficult to see what is going on inside. Also, cover your garage door windows so it’s not easy to see if a car is there. According to a NACHI survey, 80% of home invaders peeked in garage windows to determine if a homeowner's car was inside (thus revealing if the owner is home or not) — and 9% got the green light and entered homes through the garage.

Add exterior lighting

Having a well lit outside deters robbers.  Install a solar light path, or a flood light with a motion sensor to help illuminate your home at night. This not only deters robbers, but it puts all of your visitors in a well lit area so you can ensure that no one can easily sneak up to your house!

Hide your valuables

With the warm weather, comes grilling out and spending time outside. Remember to bring in your grill, ladder, tools, or any other valuables that may catch someone’s eye. A ladder or toolbox left out even for an afternoon can give an opportunistic thief help in gaining access to your house.

You have already taken the steps to protect your family, take a few more steps to prevent your family from being the victims of robbery. Walk around your home and scout out it’s weaknesses. Can you see  expensive electronics, art, or furniture that would entice a robber? Is it easy to access your front door unnoticed? By making a few adjustments, you may be able to prevent your home from being robbed, the most important step in keeping your family safe.

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