Pepper Spray Gun

Salt's Pepper Spray Guns were designed to offer a non-lethal alternative to a traditional weapon. With so many self defense mechanisms to choose from, beginning your search can be absolutely overwhelming. Our pepper spray guns provide an effective solution for those looking for a powerful, non-lethal self defense tool.

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s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit (Black)


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Made in the USA, these non-lethal weapons shoot Salt rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray and tear gas that causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and impact distress on an attacker. Our pepper spray guns are available in a kit form ensuring you have everything you need to be properly equipped.

The self defense gun kit is an ideal starter option as it involves everything needed to be fully protected. The kits include a self defense gun, practice rounds, Salt rounds, lockable case and user manual. In many cases our pepper spray guns prove to be a more affordable and effective self defense mechanism than many traditional methods. The non-lethal aspect makes the pepper spray gun a safe choice for families looking for self defense solutions.

With the ability to be used in offensive or defensive situations, these self defense guns are multifaceted and effective in close-range and long-range defense scenarios. You never know when you may find yourself in a threatening situation. Be prepared with Salt's collection of pepper spray guns.

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