The Best Self Defense Products for Women

The Best Self Defense Products for Women

The fastest growing demographic of people carrying a weapon for self defense purposes is women. In general, more people than ever are taking responsibility for their own personal protection, with women being the largest growing group. Because of the rise in a protection mindset among women, the rise of self defense products offered to women has also increased. So much so that it can be downright confusing when looking at the wide variety of different tools available to women.

Let’s review the different self defense tools available, with a specific focus in the non-lethal category. Each tool has different traits and levels of effectiveness that may be important to consider for the armed woman.

Stun Guns

stun gun taser self defense productStun guns, as popularized by Taser, come in two varieties: the traditional contact stun and the projectile based like the Taser Pulse. These self defense products use electric contact to temporarily stun enemies and cause severe pain throughout their bodies. Stun guns have proven to be an effective method of stopping an attack. Stun guns are very easy to carry and conceal, and some are small enough to pocket. They are easy to use and provide an intense and powerful effect when it strikes an attacker. The weapon does all the work and is an excellent self defense tool for women who may lack the strength or be disabled in some way.

Impact Batons

Collapsible batons are metal rods that come in a variety of sizes. They act as an impact weapon that allows the user to reign painful blows down on an opponent. Their metal construction and lightweight nature make it possible for the baton to cause severe bruising and can even break a bone. Simple 12-inch batons can collapse into a pocket-sized rod that is an excellent companion for daily carry. While physical strength plays a role in the power of a baton, their design often maximizes the effect regardless of a woman’s strength. This self defense item is ideal for close-range threatening situations.


Mace is actually a brand of pepper spray that has become so synonymous with pepper sprays that Mace is often used to describe any and all pepper spray. Pepper spray is designed to cause severe pain to the eyes and skin, make it difficult to breathe and create involuntary pain reactions. This defense tool is an old standard that has accompanied generations of police on patrol. It’s easy to use, effective and quite affordable. It also comes in every size and variant imaginable, so carrying it isn’t difficult.

Tactical Pens

tactical pen self defense productTactical Pens are a newer weapon in this category and have become quite popular in the last few years. The idea is simple: design a pen, or pen-like object from a durable material, and use it as an impact weapon. The pointed end may or may not actually act as a pen. These pens are very small but can be quite painful when used correctly. The intent is to drive the pen into a sensitive part of the body. These pens stress proper self defense technique, so remember that technique and training matter. The biggest benefit to having one of these is that you can carry it openly in your hand and no one looks twice at it.

s1 Pepper Spray Gun

SALT pepper spray gun self defense productThe s1 Pepper Spray Gun is a self defense product that is similar to pepper spray in a lot of ways, but also has some unique differences. Like pepper spray, it uses a chemical irritant to inflict pain to the eyes and skin and cause difficulty breathing. Unlike pepper spray, it is not really a spray. It fires a solid projectile that explodes on contact. The explosion creates a 4- to 5-foot cloud of powder, which increases its effectiveness.

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun is capable of carrying 7 self defense rounds per magazine, which allows the user to rapidly reload and re-engage if necessary. It has an effective range of over 150 feet and is non-lethal. The s1 Pepper Spray Gun looks like a large handgun, and finding yourself looking at the wrong end of the barrel is not a pleasant place to be. The bottom of the weapon even features a Picatinny rail system. This system would allow the end user to attach a flashlight to engage whatever goes bump in the night.


Regardless of what self defense tool you choose, make sure you are confident: confident in your abilities, confident in your weapon, and confident that as a woman your personal safety is your responsibility.



Piyush said:

Hi, I read your entire post and get how a pen will be an option of self-defence. In the modern era, where every step is at risk, the Tactical Pen is a good way to be truly safe. Keeping this thinking forward, if the Tactical pen seems useful to the readers of this article then they can buy it for free. Bought Now !!!.

Moira Blythe

Moira Blythe said:

I’ve been thinking about getting something to carry with me for self defense. I like the option you have here of a pepper spray gun. There would be less fumbling around because it’s obvious which way it needs to be pointed, and I like that it can reload and rapid fire. That would make me feel much safer!

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