About Us

Salt was created with the mission to help keep the people you love safe by providing everyone access to the most forward thinking defense technology available. But like most great things that are worth doing, our company started from a personal story – a personal need for something better.

The idea behind Salt was born in 2015 when my wife and I moved from California to Chicago and got the amazing chance to buy our very first house. Unfortunately, that excitement did not get to last very long. Just a few days after we moved in, a young man was shot and killed in the middle of our street. It completely rocked our little neighborhood and left us like so many other households, looking for something to keep us safe in case the violence right outside our door decided to come in.

It was this random act of violence that brought our family together with our co-founder Andy, the then Global Vice President of Engineering at Honeywell. You see we’re neighbors. So in the wake of the shooting, we all got together and started looking for a way to feel safe again. But what we found were two very different options. On one side there was the traditional firearm which requires tactical training, resolve to take a life, the risk of unintentional accidents and its violent kick that made it scary for my wife to use. On the other side there were traditional pepper sprays or tasers. But they only work if the danger is right on top of you. And that’s all there was. But nether really answered what we needed. A piece of tech that all of the members of my family could confidently use to stop an intruder from a safe distance.

So we decided to build exactly that. And a lot of long nights, brilliant engineers, great partnerships and a couple of huge breakthroughs later, we had it; an amazing step forward in defense technology; a gun powered by air that shoots a bullet made out of a powerful chemical instead of lead; a gun that was easy to use for everyone; a gun that worked whether you actually hit the target or not; a gun that can safely keep the ones you love safe. So, while we built the first s1 for our own families, we quickly decided that we wanted to make it for anyone who wanted a new option to help keep their family safe; our neighbors and friends. So we quit our jobs and started building pepper spray guns.

Now, as each and every member of Salt continues to come to work every day to help keep you and the people you love as safe as possible, we are expanding our products and ambition in order to keep our promise to you. To continue to find, design and build the absolute best, most dependable technology that you can trust when you and your family need them most.

Adam Kennedy
Co-Founder and Head Janitor

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