Sally's Testimonial

Recently, we sent out a note to a few of our customers to better understand why they bought our product, and also what they think of it now that they actually own it.  We got a lot of great responses, and will share some over the next few weeks.  One that really stuck out was a testimonial by Sally (we changed her name for her protection, which you will understand as you read her review).

Sally has an order of protection, or restraining order, against her ex-husband for reasons she did not disclose.  Whatever the case is, she does not feel comfortable or safe by just having this restraining order in place - and, because of that, she has looked for additional measures for herself and her children's safety.  She mentions she owns a traditional firearm that she has to keep locked up in fear of her kids getting ahold of it, but has also recently purchased a SALT gun as a non-lethal option to keep in nightstand for additional protection.

We did some research on restraining orders and their effectiveness, and while we haven't found any recent studies, the statistics we did find were incredibly alarming:

-In 2002 an analysis of 32 U.S. studies found that restraining orders are violated an average of 40 percent of the time and are perceived as being "followed by worse events" almost 21 percent of the time - and concluded that "evidence of [restraining orders'] relative efficacy is lacking", and that they may pose some degree of risk.
-A large America-wide telephone survey conducted in 1998 found that, of stalking victims who obtained a restraining order, more than 68 percent reported it being violated by their stalker.

"Love your product.  My son found your site while looking for protection from my crazy ex whom we have a restraining order against for protection.  We already have a gun but I keep it locked up for fear of my child getting to it out of curiosity. SALT seemed so much safer to have in a home with children. 

I have finally slept through an entire night with this SALT gun in my side table. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the peace to sleep a whole night!"


We are so happy to hear that we have provided an option for Sally that makes her feel safe, and allows for her to sleep at night.  

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