The Beginning

When my husband and I were looking for our first home together, general "safety" of the area was high on the list of qualifications.  However, it wasn't until we moved in that we realized how important home protection would be, how much fear affected us, and how little information there was out there on safe home defense.

We were still nestling in to our dream home - meeting our awesome neighbors, figuring out where to hang this, and where is that going to go?..  when we received an email from our neighborhood watch group sharing the sad news that a young man was shot to death on our block the previous night.  

This jolted our little family of 4 (my husband, our two dachshunds and myself) more than I can fairly explain in words.  My husband traveled a lot at the time, and was slotted for week long trip to South Korea leaving in two days.  I was terrified.  How could I stay in our home while he was away  with all of the windows that didn't have coverings, our items out on display for the world to see, and no presence of my husband?  My mind was going crazy.  This fairy tale turned into a nightmare, literally overnight.

We started researching - what were the best ways to keep our safe home?  Alarm systems were great, but didn't offer instant protection - pepper sprays/tasers, but both require you to be within arm's reach of an intruder which felt more dangerous than simply trying to run.  I couldn't imagine actually approaching the intruder to incapacitate them, could you!?   These options simply did not work.

The best option really did seem to be a firearm, but could I ever really kill anyone?  Did I have it in me?  If I bolstered the courage to take a shot, could I even hit my target?  I had serious doubt, and then layer in the stress of the situation - I had little hope of success with a real firearm.  What if the person breaking in was a stupid 15 year old just looking for some extra cash, or even worse, my husband surprising me?   A gun, nor any of the other alternatives, were  right for our family, which is why we came up with Salt (a Safe ALTernative for home safety).  

Below is a video of my husband sharing this story, too.  If you have a similar situation/story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it, so feel free to post it in our comments section below.

Enjoy, and stay connected with us hear more of what we learned in keeping our family safe. 

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