Customer Review - "Considering Safes for Traditional Frearms in Self Defense Situations"

When considering what is the best for self defense, not only do you have to think about the actual usage of the product, it is also important to think about the accessibility of the product.  To properly store a traditional firearm, because the risk of lethal accidents, it's important that you keep these guns out of reach of the hands they should not be in, i.e. children, people who aren't trained in using them,  people who could wrongly uses them, etc.  Often times, this means a safe - and not only one, but two - (1) for the unloaded guns and (2) for the ammo.  This way, even if the wrong person were to get into the first safe, they would still have the second safe to get into.

When thinking about a self defense situation - every single second counts.  And when under stress, opening a gun safe feels impossible feat (to me at least), let alone TWO gun safes.  So, regardless of what you choose for your method of self defense, please consider its accessibility - and make it accessible to you and the ones you love.

​We felt this review really hit on this topic, so we thought we'd share:

​My husband has guns because he is a hunter but they are locked up in the gun safe. I wanted something accessible to me in case of a home invasion. We have grandchildren so safety was an issue. We bought the Salt gun and I feel so much safer and able to protect myself without worrying about the grandchildren harming themselves. Also, the Salt gun doesn't have the kick of a lethal weapon. We are completely satisfied with our purchase.

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