How to Create a Home Defense Plan

How to Create a Home Defense Plan

Personal protection does not end when you enter your home. While your home does feel like a safe space, and it most likely is, there should still be a level of concern. Having a home defense plan allows you to prepare for when that safe space isn’t so safe anymore. Let’s say you purchase a weapon for home defense, and you even train to use it. At this point, you are 50% ready to defend your home. The last 50% is planning. General Mad Dog Mattis once said, “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.”

Having a Home Defense Plan

A home invasion situation without a plan is absolute chaos. Your main goal is to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Your plan needs to include every member of your family, and each person should have a task to accomplish. A home defense plan is no different than a home fire plan. It needs to be simple, effective and pragmatic.

Home Defense Planning

discussing a home defense strategyThe core of the home defense strategy is assigning tasks and having a designated safe room. This safe room can be a bedroom, bathroom, or any designated room, preferably with a locking door. When at all possible, an adult, or a teenager should be gathering anyone younger or infirm and bringing them to the safe room. At the same time, that adult or teenager needs to be calling the police.

While the family is gathering into a safe space, a responsible and capable adult is retrieving a weapon and also moving to the safe room. If the armed adults encounter the home invaders, they should only engage if needing to defend themselves. However, if the intruders are downstairs and the family is all upstairs, get to the safe room and call the police. It is unsafe and can be irresponsible to attempt to clear your home when it’s not necessary. There could be more than one intruder, and they could be well armed. Once the family is in the safe room, it should be locked, and if possible, have the door blocked.

Make sure to practice this home defense plan, practice the 911 call, and practice with your weapon of choice. The elements of your plan should be simple: isolate, defend, and wait for the police.

Adding the Pepper Spray Gun by SALT Supply Co.

There are a wide variety of home defense weapons you can choose to arm yourself with, both lethal and non-lethal. Most people immediately go to a lethal weapon and do not consider adding a non-lethal weapon to the ‘armory’. A non-lethal option like a Pepper Spray gun is a great addition to your home defense plan and is an alternative option that can literally save lives.

pepper spray gun as non-lethal home defenseFirst and foremost, the SALT Pepper Spray gun is an effective means of self-defense. It fires a projectile, not a liquid, that explodes upon contact and creates a 4- to 5-foot cloud of chemical irritant made from OC and tear gas. It causes pain, makes it difficult to breathe easily, and shuts down an attacker’s main senses.

It is semi-automatic, so when you miss you can always fire again. It contains a total of 7 rounds and uses a CO2 cartridge. It is almost silent as well, which protects your ability to hear over a gun.

It is important to remember that some situations may require force, but not deadly force. People with mental illnesses could be lost or confused and become irritated and irrational. These people are not intentionally violent, so a non-lethal option can give you a better tool to de-escalate the situation. You could also have a situation where someone is under the influence who may be behaving erratically but not violently. Either way, they are in your home and you may not have the time to decide if they are harmless or not, but they are not armed.

While deadly force may be legal in this situation, many individuals would prefer to have a less lethal option in our home defense strategy.

Having a weapon like the Pepper Spray gun gives you a chance to stop and think. It opens an alternative option to using deadly force. Having a weapon to defend your home means you need to have a plan to use it safely, which means securing your family behind you and your weapon. The core or your plan should always be the immediate safety of your loved ones. Having a plan is key to keeping your family and your home safe.

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