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"The Salt Gun Won’t Replace Your Pistol – But It’ll Serve as a Safer, Non-lethal Alternative" - Article by Gearrific

This Non-Lethal Handgun Uses Pepper Spray Inspired Chemicals to Instantly Subdue it’s Target.

"Love em’ or hate em’ – guns are great for warding off a would-be attacker. Whereas traditional firearms use lead bullets to incapacitate, this new invention uses a chemical cloud. Meet the Salt Gun. It’s a non-lethal handgun shaped weapon that’s designed to fire powder-filled bullets – as opposed to lead.

Upon impact these rounds explode, releasing a 4 to 5-foot cloud of the company’s ‘pepper spray’-like compound into the air. Some reports claim the Salt Gun’s proprietary concoction is more potent than those used by the DHS and U.S. Military.

One of the first symptoms felt by anyone at the business end of the Salt Gun is an intense burning sensation on the skin. Seconds later the compound enters the respiratory system causing the attacker to experience severe coughing fits and shortness of breath. Enough to make even the most hardened criminals come to heel. These symptoms are typically present for about 15 to 30 minutes after first coming into contact with the chemical.

Although these rounds come flying out of the gun at over 300FPS, the chemical cloud is what actually does the work. As a result, the Salt Gun can be used to create a barrier before a situation becomes dire. Salt Supply suggests firing a few rounds near the danger area will be enough to make an intruder think twice."

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October 14, 2016 by The Salt Supply Team