Self Defense Tools

Ideal for family-friendly home environments, our wide selection of non-lethal, self defense tools, ensures you will be well equipped and prepared for any threatening situation that may arise. Deter invaders before they arrive anywhere near your home with basic self defense items. Salt provides a safe alternative to home defense weapons like bats, whistles, warning signs, and more. Protecting your home can be simple, affordable, and non-lethal.

Put in place your first line of home defense with Salt's self defense tools. Visual deterrents are the first step toward a safer home. Warn off potential invaders with window stickers, bright house lights, and warning yard signs. Putting these warning signals in place is a critical first step toward home safety. Next, arm your home with simple defense tools like our Axe Bats for close-range threatening situations that require immediate action.

Looking for self defense items to keep with you on the go? Try attaching a whistle on your key ring or place one of our little bats in your car. These simple items can prove to be very effective in threatening situations.

Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to involve complex self defense items. Equip your home with non-lethal self defense tools to give yourself peace of mind about your home’s safety. Begin with our simple, self defense collection that creates an essential first line of defense in your home or on the go. Protecting you and keeping your family safe is our number one goal.
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