Salt Customer Review - "Works Great for Self Defense"

We wanted to share the following review from an Amazon customer (link to review here).  This purchaser added some great photos of the device in his hand, and also had some great feedback on the velocity of the pepper spray rounds, additional uses outside of the home, and it's comparison to traditional firearms:

​To get straight to business, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the velocity at which this gun shot the pellets. Even though it's not a real bullet, the sting of being hit with a pellet mixed with the pepper spray wouldn't incapacitate an intruder or an assailant, but it could buy you some time to get to safety.

The gun is pretty large....larger than any .40 or .45 caliber firearm. For those of you who have held and fired a .50 Desert Eagle, this Salt gun is even bigger than that. Regardless of its size, it's extremely lightweight, being made mostly of plastic. The CO2 cap is made of metal. Because of its size, it probably wouldn't be great for concealment on your body or in a purse.

Very easy to load, eject cartridges and to fire. The safety on mine is very tough to move, requiring you to grip it with two hands in order to get the button to move. That will probably improve over time, but if this is something I want my kids to be able to use when threatened, that safety switch could be an issue right out of the box.

I've always for using a firearm to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones and feel that with proper education and precautions, your kids are completely safe. However, I see this as having many uses beyond just self defense from humans. It would be great for that dog chasing your kids bikes as they ride down the street, or that are attacking your chickens or pooping in your front yard.

Overall, it worked great for what it's made for. I plan on uploading a video review shortly.

I did receive this salt gun as a sample in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

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