Self-Defense Gadgets that Will Make Your Home Safer

Self-Defense Gadgets that Will Make Your Home Safer

A home should be where you feel safe, where you can relax, let your guard down and where you know your family is safe. We often feel secure in our homes, but what can we do to ensure that security? While your home may never be a bunker, you can still take steps to make your home as secure as possible using self-defense tools.

Home security relies on layers of protection. Hedging all your bets on one particular tactic is never wise. Having multiple options is important. Secure your home in layers, starting from the outside and working your way in. Personal safety and home defense are important aspects of peace of mind.

So, let’s look at some self-defense tools and tactics that can make your life easier and safer all at the same time. Considering this idea of layers, we will start on the outside and work our way in.

A Smart Outdoor Lighting System

A well lit home helps with defenseOne of the best methods to secure your home is to keep it well lit at night. Intruders prefer the cover of working in the dark so they can avoid being seen as they break into a home. Utilizing outdoor lighting is a very effective self-defense tactic.

The Mr. Beams Netbright Spotlights are designed to work together. These are small spotlights that sense motion. You can find them at most home improvement stores. What sets these apart is that they work together regardless of where they are around your house. They can all be dialed into one channel and instantly all turn on. This makes your house a beacon and can serve as an early warning. You have four separate channels and can designate four different lighting zones for your home.

3M Safety and Security Film

Your windows allow you to let in fresh air and sunlight. While you can put bars across them, that makes quite an eyesore and is also a fire danger. Instead, 3M Safety and Security film provides an invisible layer of protection. This film keeps the window from smashing to pieces when struck with something. The glass may crack and break but it doesn’t shatter. The film holds the glass in place even after it’s struck. The glass isn’t impenetrable, but the time and effort required to get through it will make an intruder stand out immediately to the neighborhood and give you time to react.

The Canary Smart Alarm System

Alarm systems have been around for decades. What is unique about the Canary is that it puts you in control. It is not a subscription service, it is a simple one-time hardware purchase. The Canary is a small minimalist device that is capable of a whole lot. It is both a night- and daytime camera and motion detector. You can download an App and live stream whatever the Canary is seeing. The Canary is an extremely high-quality device and provides a 1080P picture in both day and night.

The Canary can send alerts to your phone immediately when armed, letting you know something has tripped the system. It also has the ability to measure the humidity levels and the temperature inside your home. It stores 12 hours of footage for free, and you can pay for extra cloud storage if you desire.

BeON Home Smart Lights

The BeON Smart lights is a new take on the whole idea of leaving a light on when you leave home. They take it a little further. These light bulbs actually learn your lighting habits. They learn when you turn them on and off. They are capable of recording a full weeks worth of information. When you leave your home, they replicate your schedule. Lastly, these BeON lights will respond to both fire alarms and doorbells. Whenever either goes off, lights start coming on.

SALT Pepper Spray Gun

SALT pepper spray gun makes home saferThe SALT Pepper Spray Gun represents the last layer of defense in your home. This means going on the offense. The SALT is a non-lethal self-defense gun that uses chemical irritants to stop an attacker. The irritant is a mixture of OC and Tear gas. The SALT Pepper Spray Gun fires a solid projectile that explodes when it hits a hard target.

The weapon holds 7 rounds in a quick change magazine and utilizes a common CO2 cartridge. You get 21 shots before the cartridge is no more. The pepper balls fly at 320 feet per second and are completely non-lethal. The SALT Pepper Spray Gun is both effective and easy to use.

Layers of Security

Having layers of security in place can discourage intruders and give you additional protection. The above self-defense tools help to offer peace of mind when you are away and when you are at home.

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