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Top 6 Burglary Facts & The Products That Can Help Stop Them

We all have questions about burglaries and how we can best prepare to defend our home and family. So at Salt Supply, we wanted to put together our top 6 statistics we think will help you make the best decisions and our top 4 products that can help you stop that burglar in his tracks. 

Top 6 Burglary Facts To Know & The Products That Can Help Stop Them

Here are a couple runner-up burglary facts that didn't make it to our top 6, but we thought you would still find helpful:

  • It takes 60 sec for a Burglar to get into a home.
  • Most Burglars head straight for the master bedroom once making it into your home. So the time from alarm to confrontation is very short, meaning you'll need a protection device that is easy to access at a moment's notice.
  • 1 in 3 Burglars do not care if a home has a security system because they know they can get in and out before the police arrive.
  • 41% of homes with an alarm system were burglarized because the systems were not turned on.
  • 25% of burglars cut alarm wires before breaking into a house.
  • 61% of Burglars were unarmed when violence occurred during a burglary while a resident was present.
  • 12% of all households violently burglarized while someone was home faced an offender armed with a firearm.
  • Only 13% of all reported burglaries are ever solved.
  • The Average dollar loss per burglary is $2,185 – That’s $4.8 billion a year.



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