Scott's Testimonial

It was so great to hear Scott's story after he purchased our Salt gun to defend his family in case of an intruder.   He suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), along with 3.6% of US adults (ages 18-54) in a given year - that is 5.2 million people suffering from PTSD each year.  Over a person's lifetime, an estimated 7.8% of Americans will experience it at some point.  Surprisingly, it is twice as likely with women than it is men.  Needless to say, this disorder is not uncommon and should not be taken lightly.

Scott's story was particularly special because he is very cautious of what kind of methods he uses as self defense in his home due to his condition of PTSD and history - and wanted to find a product that was safe that didn't need to be locked up like the rest of his firearms.

"I love your product. I am a survivor of a suicide attempt (nowhere near my home or family).  I love that I can have an instrument to defend my home without fear of my children getting hurt.  While I do still have traditional firearms I can lock them up and still feel I can have a means of protection without having a loaded pistol by my bed.  Perfect for the over protection drive from my PTSD. I love Salt! Thank You!"

-Scott from Merrimack, NH

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Scott.  Hopefully it helps someone else in a similar position as you in the future!

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