Non Lethal, Self-defense Techniques that Work

Non Lethal, Self-defense Techniques that Work

Self-defense combines both mental and physical aspects for personal security. To protect yourself, you need to be physically capable, but you also need to understand when, where, and why you attack someone in self-defense.

Where Self-Defense Starts

Self-defense starts with a proper mindset. A proper mindset is one that is aware. One of the most important tips for self-defense is situational awareness. Situational awareness means you have the ability to recognize the living world around you. Being situationally aware is like being a good defensive driver. You are aware of what people around you are doing and are always thinking and acting defensively. Situational awareness means always having a means of escape and always adapting your plan to fit the situation.

Empty Hand Techniques

Most martial arts requires years of practical experience and training. However, a few simple techniques can go a long way in knowing how to defend yourself.


Once it becomes inevitable that an attack is going to happen, you need to immediately resist. Resist by loudly shouting “Get back!” or “Go away!” or something of that nature. At the same time, shove them rearward, and put distance between you and them. This tells them you will defend yourself and alerts people around you that you may need help.

Go for the Vulnerable Areas

woman knees attacker in vulnerable area as self defenseFirst and foremost, go for those weak points on the body: the eyes, neck, nose, and groin are all excellent places to start. Striking one of these areas can temporarily stop an opponent for a few seconds, allowing you to follow it up with another attack. There is no one move for this. Rip, punch, kick, claw, and do whatever you can to affect those vulnerable areas.

The Knees

Your overall goal is to give yourself enough time to escape. Striking the knee in an aggressive manner will likely send your opponent down and in pain. The fact you struck the knee is a good reason to believe your opponent isn’t going to follow you when you attempt to escape.

Tools, Techniques, and Gadgets

There are a few different tools you can use to protect yourself without having to become physical. There are a large variety of self-defense tools out there. Some are more effective than others, and some are more effective in certain situations.


Best Contact Weapon - Stun Guns

Stun guns are an excellent self-defense weapon in a hand-to-hand fight. Strong and powerful attackers can be brought to their knees quickly by a stun gun. There is a reason that nearly every street cop in the country carries a stun gun. While effective, the biggest downside is that they are contact weapons. To use a stun gun, you jam into your attacker’s body while pressing the button. It is simple and effective.

There’s an App for That

phone app for self defense situationsbSafe created an app for Android and iPhone that instantly allows you to alert designated contacts in an instant that you are in an emergency.  Called Watch Over Me, the app allows you to set guardians from your contact list. The idea is that when you are unsure of your area you open the app. You get a big wide SOS button. In an emergency, you hit that SOS button and a text of your GPS location and a phone call is sent to your designated contacts. The phone also creates a loud noise and starts activating your phone's flash. Lastly, with a subscription, you can have active GPS tracking so you can share your location in real-time with friends and family.

Easiest to Carry - Pepper Spray

A small bottle of pepper spray can easily fit in your pocket or purse. Pepper spray is small enough that it can even be carried on a keychain. This self-defense tool is also incredibly effective. It has to be sprayed into the face for it to be completely effective, so a measure of accuracy is involved. However, do not use it at point blank range. If you do, you may catch some excess spray.

The Do it All Weapon - SALT Pepper Spray Gun

self defense gadget the SALT pepper spray gunThe SALT Pepper Spray Gun is not a gun in the traditional sense and is not pepper spray either. Instead, it is an air-powered self-defense device that fires a ball of chemical irritant at a target. It looks like a gun, has a trigger, and acts like a gun. The projectiles explode on contact and have the same effect as pepper spray. The Salt can launch a projectile more than 150 feet at 320 feet per second. It’s larger than pepper spray or a stun gun, but it’s incredibly effective. It gives the user longer range, an effective chemical agent, and seven rapid-fire rounds. It is effective at both close and long range.

Self-defense is not easy, it is important to be properly educated in both what to do and how to do it. A little training goes a long way and can ultimately keep you safe.

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