Customer Review - Vietnam Veteran - "Great First Option vs. Lethal Force"

When we started Salt Supply Company, we never thought that our non-lethal pepper spray gun would appeal to people who own traditional firearms.  We thought that people who owned lethal guns would never want a non-lethal option.  However, we have learned that several gun owners and gun owners' families have purchased our gun because they actually like the idea of using our product as their first option prior to using lethal defense.  Not everyone who has a gun actually wants to kill anyone (even if they are breaking into their house!), but some people feel that is the only way they can protect themselves.  

​In addition, not everyone in a family is comfortable protecting themselves with a traditional firearm.  Several firearm owning families have reached out saying how grateful they are that now their wives will have a mean to protect themselves, or even their grown children.

Based on the above, we wanted to share the following Amazon review, which you can find on this link:

I prefer to use the Salt gun as a first option. Having spend a year in the Infantry in Vietnam I have personally seen the devastating effect fire arms can have. I prefer not experience that again. However forced to, I will defend myself but I like the non-lethal option first. I also travel extensively by RV and I know in many states my firearm is illegal. This solves that problem as well as I only have to consider California. I think it is a great option. Thank you for the SALT gun.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
-The Salt Self Defense Team

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