s2 MACE Ultra Pepper Spray Starter Kit


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A safe gun for a safe home

Salt's world famous less-lethal quality & innovation meets Mace's world famous stopping power!

The s2 Pepper Spray Gun powered by Mace chemical agents provides you with the non-lethal protection of pepper spray and tear gas to keep you and your loved ones safe. It’s ability to shoot long distances, like a traditional firearm, provides critical reaction time and standoff distance allowing you to deliver a defensive cloud that effectively incapacitates an attacker and can cause temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and severe impact distress.


Each s2 Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 – s2 Pepper Spray Gun
  • 1 - Deluxe Case
  • 1 – s2 Magazine (5-Round)
  • 6 – Salt + Mace Ultra Pepper Spray & Tear Gas Rounds
  • 6 – Salt Premium Practice Rounds
  • 6 – Salt Premium Kinetic Rounds
  • 1 – 12-gram Gas Cartridge
  • 1 - Easy to Follow User Manual


The s2 Pepper Spray Gun provides defensive protection and offensive force that may keep you safe in threatening situations that are either close or far away.

  • Effective at 150+ feet so you don’t have to get close to danger, accuracy not required.
  • CO2 forcefully shoots rounds at up to 350 ft/second causing severe impact distress.
  • 5 ft irritant defense cloud serves as a barrier between you and harm’s way.


Non-lethal solutions for your family’s safety is serious business. The s2 Pepper Spray Gun was designed to provide ultimate safety for your family while providing maximum protection against threatening situations.

  • Pepper spray and tear gas combination has been proven safe & non-lethal, meaning accidents are not life-threatening.
  • CO2 Cylinders stay safely sealed inside, indefinitely, until the metal seal is instantly punctured with the push of a button.
  • Technology used and trusted by the U.S. Military to immobilize and control threats, meaning the effects are strong enough to take down an adult.
  • Every s2 Pepper Spray Gun is backed by over 50-years of combined less lethal experience spanning more than 35 countries!

Note – We cannot deliver irritant rounds of any type to CA, NY or MA. CA/NY/MA Compliant kits are available and ship with alternate rounds. Orders for irritant rounds or kits with irritant rounds placed with billing addresses from these states must have an alternate shipping address or they will be cancelled.  Must be 18 and older to purchase.

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