p1 Practice Rounds


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One of the best things about the s1 Pepper Spray Gun is that your entire family can experience how easy and safe it is to use right in your own backyard. That's because p1 Practice Rounds contain household baby powder instead of the active chemicals in a normal x2 Pepper Spray & Tear Gas Round.


  • p1 Practice Rounds
  • Protective tin


p1 Practice Rounds are filled with household baby powder instead of the powdered pepper spray and tear gas combination found in x2 Rounds.


x2 Rounds are accurate up to 150+ feet vs the 6-10 feet of traditional pepper sprays or tasers.


p1 Practice Rounds travel at 320 feet per second, delivering the same kinetic energy as being hit by a 50 mph fastball.


p1 Practice Rounds can be stored indefinitely.


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