Salt + Mace Ultra Pepper / Tear Gas Rounds (18-ct.)


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World famous projectile quality & innovation meets world famous chemical agent stopping power!

Featuring 3 times the active agent of our famous x2 rounds, the revolutionary Salt + Mace Ultra rounds are filled with a non-lethal, powdered pepper spray and tear gas combination that explodes on contact in a cloud that immediately incapacitates a would-be attacker. Each round contains particles that are designed to “hang” in the air causing temporary distress without permanent harm.


  • 18- Count Mace Ultra Pepper Spray & Tear Gas Rounds
  • Industry leading storage jar is child-resistant, tamper evident, and air-tight to protect and preserve your ammunition

Note – We cannot deliver irritant rounds of any type to CA, NY or MA. CA/NY/MA Compliant kits are available and ship with alternate rounds. Orders for irritant rounds or kits with irritant rounds placed with billing addresses from these states must have an alternate shipping address or they will be cancelled.  Must be 18 and older to purchase.

Mace Ultra Rounds are filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray and tear gas combination that break on contact, immediately causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing and severe impact distress.

Mace Ultra Rounds are accurate up to 150+ feet vs the shorter range of traditional pepper sprays or tasers.

The powdered pepper spray and tear gas technology in each Mace Ultra Round has been proven safe and effective by police and military around the world.

Mace Ultra Rounds travel up to 350 feet per second, delivering the same kinetic energy as being hit by a baseball at 30 mph.

Mace Ultra Rounds have a 5 year shelf life when stored properly!

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