"You don’t have to be within traditional pepper spray range of a few yards"

-Former Police Officer and s1 Pepper Spray Gun Owner The s1 is the new pepper spray gun that lets you defend yourself without having to get close to the danger – even if don’t have a perfect shot.

The Problem with Pepper Spray

You’re looking for pepper spray because you (or someone you love) needs a way to protect themselves. And a lethal firearm is out of the question.

But, deep down, don’t you wish there was a better option?

After all, pepper spray practically requires you to be on top of the danger for it to work. And you want to retreat from something that frightens you. Not get closer to it.

We Felt the Same Way

We’re Adam and Christina, founders of Salt Supply. Right after we moved into our new home in Chicago, our world was rocked when there was a fatal shooting in the middle of our street.

We wanted a way to protect ourselves in case the violence ever moved indoors. But we didn’t want a firearm in our house. And we were skeptical about traditional pepper sprays and guns.

So we partnered with the #1 manufacturer of air guns in the world to create a long-range pepper spray gun that we could feel comfortable deploying at a distance.

A Pepper Spray Gun Anyone Could Use

We founded Salt Supply Co. with the mission of providing everyone access to the most forward-thinking home defense technology available.

That meant creating a pepper spray gun anyone could feel comfortable using, so we approached the development process with the following criteria.

This product had to:
  • Have a long range so you wouldn’t have to get close to the threat…
  • …but still be able to stop it if you didn’t get a direct hit
  • Have munition that incapacitated the threat long enough for you to get away…
  • …but cause only temporary distress, so you wouldn’t have to worry about lethal accidents
  • Have enough power and round speed to stop a threat…
  • …but not have the loud bang and kickback of a firearm
  • Be sturdy and durable…
  • …but still be lightweight enough so any adult could use it with ease

After a lot of long nights, brilliant engineers and great partnerships, we had finally had it.

Meet the s1 Pepper Spray Gun

The brand new long-range Pepper Spray Gun that:

  • Is easy for any adult to use
  • Works whether or not you hit the target
  • Has only temporary incapacitating effects
  • Keeps you and your family safe

Here’s how far you can stay back from a threat compared to other pepper sprays and defense products on the market.

See How it Works

How to Use the s1 Pepper Spray Gun

Pull the trigger of the s1 and send a military grade pepper spray and tear gas bullet hurdling toward your target at 320 feet a second.

Upon impact on the target (or a nearby solid surface like a wall), the bullet bursts into a 5 foot toxic cloud that hangs in the air, immersing your target in the chemicals. It’s hard for them to breathe and see as their skin sears from the burning sensation.

But no worries for you – you’ll be far away from the cloud.

They’ll be out of commission for awhile – for an average of 15-20 minutes (up to 45) – giving you plenty of time to escape.

I have tried these out, and they do work. Trust me. I opened one of the rounds just to make sure they would work on an intruder. With minimal exposure, I was coughing, sneezing and could barely keep my eyes open. I now know first hand that this will affect an intruder if they are trying to get in my house! – s1 Pepper Spray Gun Customer

You Don’t Have to Hit the Target for it To Work

We know that being accurate when it’s dark and you are extremely agitated or scared is really, really hard. The round simply needs to rupture close enough to the area around the intruder for the cloud to envelope them in a painful, incapacitating chemical cloud.

Powerful Protection, But Easy to Use Too

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun u2lizes the same Military Grade Powdered Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Bullets that the U.S. Military, Police, and Federal Bureau of Prisons have used for years to control threats.

But it was our mission to create a pepper spray gun that was lightweight and didn’t have the kickback of a regular gun, so anyone would feel comfortable using it.

Here's How to Get It Set Up

Recommended by a Former Police Officer

I am a former law enforcement officer, trained in both lethal and non-lethal response tactics.

What I really like about SALT is that you can deploy it from a safe distance. You don’t have to be within traditional pepper spray range of a few yards. You can send the payload down range to the intended target while maintaining a safe distance and remaining near protective cover.

It’s not heavy. It’s easy to operate. It can be stored in a ready-to-go condition. It has a safety. It can be stored in a drawer by the bed rather than in a safe. These are my observations.

-Amazon Review

Your Safety Can’t Wait – Get Your s1 Starter Kit Today

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Which One Would You Trust to Protect You?

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