Helix n3 Pepper Spray (Optional Hip Holster)


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The Helix n3 Pepper Spray with hip holster was designed to be the ultimate in advanced chemical protection for your home or on the go. Our revolutionary Helix Nozzle spins our riot grade pepper spray in a rotating oval pattern that expands on impact giving you the absolute MOST chemical coverage on the market! This Helix pattern breakthrough gives the Helix n3 exceedingly strong stopping power while at the same time reducing  blowback for the user. Combine this with our 360° technology that allows maximum output no matter how you are holding the n3, our UV marking agent that enables police to identify an assailant days after an attack and our 18 foot range and it is easy to see why the Helix n3 is the new standard for liquid protection when you or the ones you love need it the most.


The Patented Helix Nozzle has the highest chemical output and coverage of any pepper spray on the market. That means more chemical in the face of an assailant than any other brand of pepper spray. That’s HUGE.


The revolutionary Helix Nozzle was designed to reduce liquid blowback - making it ideal for home or close proximity use.


360° technology allows the Helix n3 to work no matter how you are holding it, even upside down.


This invisible dye allows the police to identify an assailant days after an attack by simply shining a blacklight on the potential suspect.


Every Helix n3 comes with a built in safety lock, so it stays safe until you need it.


The rotating, rope-like stream pattern of the Helix Nozzle allows it to travel an 18-feet in distance, expanding on impact for the most chemical coverage on the market.


The OC pepper formula creates an explosive burning feeling to the eyes, skin and throat causing the eyes of an attacker to slam closed upon contact.


The Helix n3 Pepper Spray has a 5 year shelf life.

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