12g CO2 Cylinders


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The CO2 cartridges are what powers the s1 Pepper Spray Gun. Each cylinder is loaded with enough air to shoot up to 21 Pepper Spray Rounds when you need them most. With up to 100 shots in each pack, five cylinders provide enough power to practice aiming the s1 Pepper Spray Gun as well as to take action in real-time threatening situations.

Due to CO2 being a dangerous good, we are unable to ship it by air. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 


  • 12 Gram, Non-Threaded CO2 Cylinders in quantities of 5, 10 and 15


Each 12g CO2 Cylinder can fire up to 21 Pepper Spray Rounds. That's over 100 shots total in each pack!


The patented technology inside every s1 Pepper Spray Gun allows each CO2 cylinder to stay safely sealed until the metal seal is punctured with the first pull of the trigger.


Salt CO2 Cylinders can be replaced in seconds, allowing you to quickly fire an unlimited amount of pepper spray rounds when you need them most.

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