s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit (Safety Yellow)

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The first safe gun for a safe home

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun was designed to offer the trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray and tear gas AND the long-range protection of a traditional firearm, but without the drawbacks of either. Now available in vibrant, safety yellow to avoid any confusion between the s1 Pepper Spray Gun and a traditional firearm. The vibrant yellow also allows this s1 to stand out in low light situations, so you can easily find it when you need it.


Each s1 Starter Kit includes*:

  • 1 - s1 Pepper Spray Gun in Yellow
  • 1 - Lockable Case (lock not included)
  • 1 - s1 Magazine (7-Round)
  • 10 - x2 Pepper Spray & Tear Gas Rounds
  • 10 - p1 Practice Rounds
  • 1 - Easy to Follow User Manual

*12 Gram, Non-Threaded CO2 Not Included

Note - We cannot deliver product to CA, NY or MA. Orders placed with billing addresses within these three states must have alternative shipping address or will be returned. Must be 18 and older to purchase.

Defensive and Offensive Protection for All Situations

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun provides defensive protection and offensive force that keep you safe in threatening situations that are either close up or far away. And it’s easy to use – so anyone can feel comfortable having it in their home.

  • Effective at 150+ feet – 15 times the range of traditional pepper sprays or tasers – so you don’t have to get close to danger
  • Bullets - made from a non-lethal pepper spray and tear gas combination - hit the target with the force of a 30mph fastball – causing severe impact distress
  • Upon impact, bullets burst into a 5’ toxic defense cloud that can cause temporary blindness and difficulty breathing
  • Powered by one single 12g CO2 cartridge that can power up to 3 7-round magazines – totaling 21 shots
  • Accuracy not required – even an imperfect shot will trigger the defense cloud – and create a barrier between you and harm’s way

Peace of Mind and the Power to Protect

Non-lethal solutions for your family’s safety is serious business. The s1 Pepper Spray Gun was designed to provide ultimate safety for your family while providing maximum protection against threatening situations.

  • Pepper spray and tear gas combination has been proven safe & non-lethal, meaning accidents are not life-threatening
  • Same powered pepper spray and tear gas combination used by the U.S. Military, Police, and Federal Bureau of Prisons to immobilize and control threats – chosen for its ability to take down an adult
  • x2 Pepper Spray Rounds have a 5 year shelf life – triple the industry average – so you don’t have to worry about your s1 losing its effectiveness
  • 12g CO2 Cylinders stay safely sealed inside the s1 Pepper Spray Gun, indefinitely, until the metal seal is punctured with the first pull of the trigger – letting you stay focused during a stressful encounter
  • Your s1 has been manufactured and tested for quality, right here in the Midwest – and is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit (Safety Yellow) Specifications

s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit (Yellow)

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